We invite you to Shepherd by the Sea's 10 am worship service on Sunday, September 24th. The service will be held at the Ohlson House on The Sea Ranch. We welcome back the Rev. Gail Cafferata, who will preside at the service. All are welcome to attend. Coffee and fellowship follow the service. This week is the fourth week of the Season of Creation, which we have been celebrating. This Sunday we worship among the rivers. The streams and waterways bring life to the land and all creatures, and give witness to times of abundance as well as to lack. Fish splash, frogs sing, rocks form shorelines, water flows and redefines and energizes, reminding us of Christ, the water of life.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we would like to meet you. All are welcome to join us!

Construction is progressing! To the left is a photo from the first week of September 2023 showing the progress in our new  worship space. Paint colors are being tested on the newly-installed drywall and doors are being installed. 

Background: Shepherd by the Sea has been worshiping in various locations since the start of the pandemic when we lost our long-time site. We then met for year and a half at the Gualala Community Center. Sadly, the Gualala Community Center was consumed by an arson fire on February 13th, 2023, a tragedy for our small coastal community. We are eagerly anticipating the completion of renovations of our permanent worship space on Cypress Way in Gualala.

As we continue to renovate our permanent worship space, our resilient and enthusiastic congregation copes with several temporary spaces.  Until our new worship space is ready, Shepherd by the Sea will be worshiping either at the Gualala Arts Center or the Ohlson House on the Sea Ranch, as the Gualala Arts Center is sometimes unavailable due to special events